Our Company Values

Perrin Custom Homes is proud to present our company values. These are the fundamental standards that guide the way we run our company and the foundation of how we treat our clients, employees, suppliers and all who we interact with during the course of building custom homes for clients.


Thoughts, Words, Actions Aligned

We think, speak and act in a manner authentic to ourselves and the principles and standards of Perrin Custom Homes. We believe integrity goes beyond the doors of the company and requires truth, honesty and trust. We realize the fiduciary responsibilities that clients bestow upon us.


All In

We serve all with pride and show the attitude for “whatever it takes”. Dedication is selfless and requires hard work, willingness and 100% commitment to our job, our coworkers and our clients. We operate and function in a transparent manner and place a premium on open communications.


High Regard for Self and Others

We have high regard and honor for our clients and others. We value the diversity of opinions and assume the goodwill of others. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Our sub-contractors are part of our team and they too must conduct themselves to the standards of respect for clients.


Succeed Together

We believe no person is bigger than one job. Our team requires an open positive attitude, accountability and a willingness to work collectively to build success and reach goals. We seek outside help and opinions when additional resources are required beyond our vast expertise.


Can Do!

We cultivate a “Can Do” culture. We solve problems. We think outside the box. We love to be responsive and deliver the unexpected. From using water-proof-concrete to working with local Structural Engineers, we have resolve to use technology to enhance the home building process.

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